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>> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. >> bill: after scott brown's victory, republicans are elated. democrats deflated. >> we heard. we will heed. we will move forward. >> bill: now the key question is how much damage has been done to president obama and his agenda? dick morris, joe trippi, and dennis miller with analysis. [sirens] >> bill: six americans, including four students are among the missing in haiti as their parents desperately try to get the u.s. military to the hotel where they were last seen. we'll have the latest on this horrific story. >> bill: you are a hunter and fisher woman, is that what you do outdoors stuff. >> oh, sure. >> bill: what does sarah palin do for fun? she will tell us how she unwinds. >> we eat, therefore we hunt. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama losing power. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you strip away all the partisan blather and there is plenty of it, one very important thing emerges from the republican victory last night in massachusetts. president obama has lost momentum. now, the president took a huge gamble last sunday travelling to massachusetts to support martha coakley. it did not work. this largely democratic state rejected the president, ms. coakley, and liberal politics. now, obama care is in jeopardy. there is no question independent americans do not like the administration's policies. you can forget about cap and trade and all that stuff. it's finished. but the big issue is the president himself. he has lost power. there is no question about it. and here is something very
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interesting. after the christmas day bombing attempt, talking points said that americans were becoming disenchanted with mr. obama's war on terror strategy. i said it was becoming a major issue. well, scott brown's own internal polling showed that in massachusetts independent voters cited the president's soft approach to terrorism and to al qaeda thugs being tried in civilian court as two reasons mr. brown won their votes. and, today, the president's own director of national security intelligence dennis blair told congress he was not even aware that the underwear bomber would not be questioned by high level federal interrogators. he wasn't even consulted. that attorney general holder put the bomber in civilian hands. that's flat out embarrassing. mr. blair's statement is stunning. once again, the obama administration looks chaotic in
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the face of terrorism. going forward, president obama must stop the liberal nonsense. the american people want to be protected. they want the economy to get better. and they don't want a trillion-dollar health care plan nobody can understand. that isn't complicated. independent voters who will decide most elections in the future are simply angry that far left policies are in play. and if you don't believe me, just look at the far left media outlets. they are all dying. people have had enough. president obama wants to make a comeback, he must simplify health care. he must cut spending. he must cut taxes to simulate job creation. and he must get tough with al qaeda and other terrorists. if he does not do that, he will continue to lose power. republicans will regain congress next november, and mr. obama will join jimmy carter in the land of unfulfilled promises. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. analysis of the changing political situation. first up, political guy dick
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morris joins from us jackson, mississippi, he is the purveyor, of course of dick very excellent political web site. all right. so, am i making any mistakes here? i think this is a power deal. if president obama, and i'm sure you agree with this, is losing power, who is gaining that power power? >> well, obviously the republicans are. but, let's put the loss of his agenda or the loss of the ability to pass his agenda in an historical framework. since 1900 i think there have been five periods in american history where a president could do what he wanted, in terms of domestic fairs. woodrow wilson which ended when he reversed in the midterm elections in 1914. f.d.r. ended when he tried to pack the supreme court in 1936. lyndon johnson in 1964. it ended when he got too involved in vietnam. ronald reagan in 1981, it ended
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when he suffered reversals in the 1982 election. and now barack obama. and that period of one year in which obama could essentially pass anything he wanted ended on tuesday. and it was unique period in american history. it's only been basically one of five periods since 1900 where a president had that kind of power. now, i think that he is more like a traditional president. he is going to have to horse trade and negotiate. he set up an environment and atmosphere where he can't. he is so antagonized and so polarized this country and so irredeemably alienated the republicans and the moderates and independents that i don't think anybody will talk to him at much less cut deals with him. >> bill: he didn't do it. whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute. he didn't do it because he hasn't been out there throwing the bombs. he let others do it, pelosi, reid, the disgraceful pundits
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who prop up the obama administration every night in the newspapers and on television. but he, himself, still scores 50% or higher on personal popularity in every poll. i don't think americanss did like -- dislike him but surely the policy that's embraces. he could make a come back. i don't think he is done after a year. he is going to have to really shift it fast just like clinton did in 1994. >> yeah. i did it with clinton in 1995 and 1996 and beginning in 1994. and obama could do the same thing if he wanted to. >> bill: right. if he wants to. >> i'm not sure at all that he wants to. >> bill: let me stop you again. if he has lost an enormous amount of power, which i believe he has -- do you believe he has lost power? >> huge amount. >> bill: okay. so we are both on that. if he has lost power, if he is losing all the races, three
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statewide races that he has invested in, he has lost. if the health care thing is now gone, which it is, he is going to have to come back with another thing and it's going to take another six months to a year. if all the liberal policies that he has embraced, terrorism, civilian courts for kalid sheikh mohammed, if those are all vastly unpopular, which they are, you are going to tell me that president obama is going to sit in the white house for three years, have the whole country refute him, the whole country reject him, and not do anything about it? i find that impossible to believe. >> well, first, let me dial back on your speech. i don't agree with all of those assumptions. i don't think health care is dead. i wish it were, but i don't think it is. >> bill: all right. well, let me stop you again. if brown gets in there, and brown is not going to go for it, they could filibuster it out. it can't get through the senate. it can't get through. >> it does not have to re-pass the senate.
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all that has to happen is the house has to adopt the senate version. what's going to happen is the house members. >> bill: whoa, whoa, whoa. you believe that pelosi won by three votes the last time and you are telling me that you think pelosi is going to either build on that this time? there is no way it's going to pass the house. she won by three votes last time. how is she going to handle that? she is not going to do it this time. it's not going to happen. go ahead. >> the ostensible margin last time was 250-215. that wasn't the margin. there were 35 congressman, democrats, who would have voted for the bill if they had to, just like in the u.s. senate where they had to, nelson and lincoln and landrieu and lieberman all folded and voted for the bill. you had a few democrats, like kucinich that would never have supported it or jean taylor from mississippi. but for the most part your average, mainstream freshman democratic guy like bright in alabama or other congressman like that, they fall in line and vote for it if their votes are
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needed. what's going to happen is the liberals are going to state -- >> bill: i'm confused. i think the audience is confused. the senate is going to vote on it again because there is no bill. >> no. >> bill: that's what they are doing behind closed doors. reid and pelosi and others are fashioning something. >> no. >> tell me where i am wrong. i thought that was the case. >> you are wrong. if the house chooses to, it can simply accede to the senate version. >> bill: but that's not what you are doing though. they are throwing in all -- that's why they are behind the closed doors, morris. maybe they will change now that they know that they can't get through the filibuster, maybe that's possible. okay. now i got it. go ahead. >> yeah. there is a process that's going on where she had -- pelosi has to listen to all of the liberals and all of their very muching and complaining about the senate bill, has to load up the bill with all kinds of amendments, has to go over to the senate and harry reid has to tell her "i can't pass this. i can't pass anything." all i can pass is what i have already passed. and then she goes back to her
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members and says "i'm sorry, i have to ask you to stuff it and just pass the senate version." >> bill: i don't think that's going to happen. >> that's the last bill obama is going to pass. >> bill: that will be the last -- if they ram that stupid thing through, and 60% of americans, 65% don't like it, it's done. they are done. all right, dick. thanks very much. we appreciate it coming up next the democratic point of view on what happened next in massachusetts. later, sarah palin tells us what she does to relax. kind of interesting. upcoming. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo,
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>> bill: continuing now with our lead story. the changing political winds in washington, based upon the election of scott brown to the senate by massachusetts voters. joining us now from los angeles, fox news analyst joe trippi who ran howard dean's presidential campaign in 2004. i want you to react to president obama today reacting to what happened last night. roll it. >> it is my assessment of not
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just about massachusetts but the mood around the country, you know, the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they are frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> bill: all right. so it goes back to bush and all of that. what do you think? >> well, i think he is right and hopefully, you know, this will wake up the administration. he is right that the anger and the need for change is what swept him in and it is what swept brown in. people are angry at washington. they are angry at the insurance companies and the banks getting away with bills that work for them but aren't working for the american people. and scott brown tapped into that while a complacent democratic party that's doing these deals in washington like the deal in nebraska, $100 million to the
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state for nelson's vote. it's that kind of deal-making. people are against this stuff. it's spreading across both parties right now. >> bill: why then president obama who campaigned on change you can believe in and reform and open government, why would he allow it? i mean, isn't it crazy to allow the seiu that uber liberal union to get a big tax break and the other unions not and to buy off louisiana with 300 million as you pointed out rightly nebraska. obama stood by and let it happen. isn't that insane? >> no. because the problem here is it's about -- it became about getting 60 votes. so what deal do we have to do with this senator to get to 60? the big thing that happened last night is they can't get to 60 anymore. >> bill: right. let me stop you and run through some stuff real quick. >> sure. >> bill: do you agree with morris and i that president obama has lost a lot of power? >> i think that washington is losing power. this is the point i would make, bill. everybody in washington, the
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republicans and the democrats, are losing power. they are losing it to the people who are angry about the way that washington works. >> bill: it's not just obama. it's both parties. okay. >> right. and it would be a mistake for republicans to see last night's victory as an ideological left -- it's not. it is a shift in power like you are saying. >> bill: it was an independent surge and they want clean government. >> outsiders and the insiders out. >> bill: i don't think obama care is going to pass. do you agree with that? >> i think if they try to ram it through, ram this bill through with, you know, shenanigans, you know, doing something before brown is seated -- >> bill: obama said they are not going to do that. >> they are not going to do that. >> bill: i don't think it has enough juice. 65% of americans oppose it. i don't think it's going to get through. where does president obama go? he has been embarrassed by three elections, virginia, new jersey, and massachusetts. and no matter how the obama
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administration tries to spin it, it is a repudiation of the president. after one year he is facing three years left in his office. he is facing a revolt among the voters, a revolt when massachusetts goes the way it did, you can use that word. so what does he do? say you are advising him now. say he hires you tomorrow, what do you tell him to do? >> i think they have got to pivot to the economy, to jobs, to getting -- >> bill: does he cut taxes to stimulate job growth? that's what stimulates job growth, cutting taxes, corporate taxes. >> no. i think they have got to take on the banks, take on the insurance companies. i mean, not play the washington game. they have got to be transparent. you have got to become what obama was when he ran, which was somebody who was going to change politics, a new kind of politics. be transparent. >> bill: he has lost the ability. >> he can get that back. this man has enormous ability to communicate and tap into the american people. >> bill: he can't get it back through liberal policies. >> no, you can't get it back by
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playing washington games, by cutting deals with senators, whether they are republican or democrat, whether they are conservative or liberal senators. you can't get deals to get there and be a new kind of politics. i think that's been the problem of the administration. >> bill: i agree with you. he better come up with something specific, all right? because the general stuff, the b.s. is walking right now. mr. trippi, nice to have you on the program. thanks very much. ahead, dennis miller with some thoughts on the vote in massachusetts last night. sarah palin, what she does for fun. how does the governor unwind? those reports after these messages?
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. there were a couple of key things that happened in the brown-coakley race in massachusetts. so we asked pollster frank luntz to get some folks together to look at some of the key tv ads. here is one of them. go. >> who is scott brown really? a republican, in lock step with washington republicans. heel block tougher oversight of wall street. give more tax breaks to the wealthiest. oppose more prescription coverage for millions of seniors. brown even favors letting hospitals deny emergency contraception to rape victims. >> by now you have probably seen the negative ads launched by martha coakley and her supporters.
8:21 pm
instead of discussing issues like health care and jobs, they decided the best way to stop me is to tear me down. but the old way of doing things won't work anymore. their attack ads are wrong and go too far. >> bill: joining us now from washington is dr. frank luntz. first of all, you had trouble rounding up some coakley supporters for your sware last night. >> this only happened to me once before the 2004 dean campaign trippi was just on the air. a lot of people dean no longer backing their candidate we had a crisis just before we went on the air. last night we had a whole bunch of coakley people who committed to showing up and cancelled on us a knew hours before. >> bill: they knew what was going on. the coakley attack ad saying the guy is a stone age guy. trying to scare massachusetts voters didn't each do well with democrats. >> no. what the democrats need to realize is that that old campaign of trying to blame this
8:22 pm
on bush-cheney doesn't work when it's now been a year since bush and cheney were in office. the people of massachusetts who voted overwhelmingly for barack obama still believed that this administration now should be held accountable for what's happening right now in the economy. and, the republican brown, when he looked the camera straight in the eye and say that this is old fashioned politics, that's what cut through. and we asked our group last night and almost everyone said that coakley ran a bad campaign, a much more negative campaign. warning for candidates in 2010, if you plan to beat the heck out of your opponent, plan for voters to hold you accountable for it. >> bill: i think negative ads still work but they have to be very specific and precise. they can't go all over the place. you also dialed up two president obama situations. first one he traveled to massachusetts, the president did, and he talked about scott brown. go. >> he is driving his truck around the commonwealth. [ laughter ] and he says that he'll, you
8:23 pm
know, he gets you. that he fights for you, that he will be an independent voice. you know, i don't know him. he may be a perfectly nice guy. i don't know his record. but i don't know whether he has been fighting for you up until now. [boos] >> bill: so when he said he didn't know his record, the thing went down because people would say well, if you don't know his record why are you mocking him? >> and he did badly among democrats. there was no positive response. what i saw yesterday for the first time is that that magic tongue of barack obama really wasn't penetrating, not just with those who voted for john mccain but it's not working as well even with barack obama voters. >> bill: i'm not making excuses for him because he certainly should have been prepared. if he is going to go to massachusetts and talk bad about scott brown. he ought to know why. he says i don't know his policies. what the heck are you doing up here was my reaction. all right, we have another one.
8:24 pm
this is on brown's record as the president continues to try to persuade people in massachusetts to vote for martha coakley. of course, it did not work. roll it. >> as a legislature he voted with the republicans 96% of the time. 96% of the time. it's hard to suggest that he is going to be significantly independent from the republican agenda. forget the ads. everybody can run slick ads. forget the truck. [ laughter ] everybody can buy a truck. >> bill: now the truck as soon as he said forget the truck the republicans -- they like the truck. >> they like the truck. >> bill: that scored pretty well among democrats though, that last one. >> but still not that great. and what this is saying is don't make fun of someone. you have to talk about substantial issues. you have to present them in a clear and concise way. and barack obama is simply not as powerful as he was -- he is not as good an orator.
8:25 pm
we are going to be focus groups in the next ten months. if your viewers want to participate and get into one of these sessions, grab a dial themselves and get a chance to be heard, they need to go to the word doctor', they can sign up and they can be participating in this. >> bill: so it's word doctors one word, word doctors? >>.com. >> if you want to get in and have frank poll you. a couple of observations here. i don't think president obama could have turned that vote no matter what he said going up there. >> no. >> bill: i think that that election was decided probably on friday, last friday. he went up on sunday. the president had to know that it was a big gamble, that he was going to lose faces a i said in the talking points memo. why did he do it? >> one has to ask why did he go to new jersey when he knew he was going to lose? >> bill: that race was in play
8:26 pm
between corzine and christie. jersey was in play. this one his own people, you remember, frank, over the weekend, the white house was already saying, hey, bad candidate, don't blame us. and he still goes up. i was stunned that he went up. >> let me give you the statistics behind it how significant this was. it's not been since 1972 that a republican won the state in the presidential race. there hasn't been a republican senator. >> bill: we know that, frank. >> since 1972. the fact that the democrats would lose this race, regardless of whether barack obama went up there or not, is something that if i said to you one month ago, that a republican was going to win, you would never have me on your program again. you would assume i was out to lunch. >> bill: but obama put himself in a position to be embarrassed, did he not? >> because he thinks that he can turn an electorate. and what we have learned, bill, is that with his job approval numbers falling, he can't turn people anymore. >> bill: you are telling me he didn't learn from virginia and
8:27 pm
he didn't learn from new jersey? >> exactly. >> bill: hard to belief. frank, thanks very much as we -- and, remember, if you want to sign up with frank word plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller can't wait to tell us what he thinks about the election last night in massachusetts and i for one can't wait to hear it. also later governor palin in her off hours. what does she do to relax? she will be here to tell us. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. pay the doctor insurance. this is not major medical insurance. this is affordable-we-pay-cash -directly-to-you- fast-when-you're-sick -or-hurt-insurance. if all you know about us is... aflac! ...then you don't know quack. to find out all the ways aflac's got you covered, visit
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the situation on the ground in haiti is getting a little bit better as supplies pour in there and the u.s. military takes control. among the missing are six americans from a florida university lynn in ba camera tone including four students and of course their parents are desperately seeking help. joining us now from southern florida angie hayes whose 23-year-old daughter courtney is still missing and 19-year-old britney is also in that category. you called us the other day and, you know, you watch the program and you know that we are on your side and looking out for the folks. and we made a series of calls and pretty much told the pentagon that you have to get to this hotel in montana where both of their children were staying in haiti. you have got to give the parents some definition. since that time, i understand the military has arrived there. so what is the status now? what do you know mr. gengell?
8:31 pm
>> right now we know it took seven days for the military to get to the hotel montana. and right now the state department told us that it's still under search and rescue but they will not guarantee it, bill to continue. and this would be an outrage. it's just not the six students and faculty from lind university. there are maybe 100 americans at that hotel there are military, american marines in that hotel that were there for security. i mean, this is an outrage. this is an absolute outrage in this country. >> bill: i can pretty much assure you they will not walk away from that situation until it's clarified. they are there now. they will do what they have to do. we are all praying there was enough food and water trapped in that hotel with the people in there that they can survive this long. i understand that your brother actually got to the hotel ahead of all the rescuers, is that true? >> my brother actually flew down from georgia and rented a
8:32 pm
helicopter with two of his friends that were exmilitary and got in there he was actually speaking to me from a at&t cell phone from the site. he told us more than anybody else had. they had knowledgeable people there, not americans, of course sunday we had no military presence. that's how we first got aware of this. there was no military presence in there. he told us they were basically using picks and knives, anything they could get their hands on from crowbars and they had no chainsaws. no anything. no front end loaders to do anything. and that's where we got information to go on. by him staying there talking to me. >> bill: i told you how difficult it is logistically because our correspondents have been reporting that all week for anybody to do anything. the tragedy of this is it's a chain of command type thing. you have got to get the attention of the brass and they have to order the units over to a specific place and they are all, you know look, american military working around the clock now. you both know that. >> the military was there. they just weren't heption us. they offended us.
8:33 pm
they got their six -- they could have. there was no -- we met -- i have just gotten back from the dominican. i met a group of older doctors driving old bus, doctors without borders. they drove an old passenger bus and we know they are there because one of the people that were with us got on that bus and he still is at the hotel montana, giving us information. they drove an old bus and these were older gentlemen straight on. in calling us on regular cell phones. >> bill: certainly if your doctor and brother got there, this huge military apparatus. >> they abandoned us. >> bill: maybe. >> they abandoned their own people. >> bill: they didn't do it on purpose. they did it on bureaucracy very, very difficult. go ahead, mr. dengel. >> bill, i want you to recall when jfk jr., god rest his soul, when he crashed off of cape cod, i'm from the area. i watched what happened. the navy was there. the coast guard was there. they were there immediately. we're parents.
8:34 pm
my daughter is going to be 20 years old tomorrow and i know right well that they could save her. they need to get in there and they need to. >> bill: they are now. listen. >> bill, they are not. >> bill: we understand your pain, but now they are there. >> we need every single person hearing this to email their congress, email their senators and don't back off because this could be y'all's child. this is my child. >> bill: i understand. >> the day it happened. >> bill: we wish they had gotten there sooner. perhaps if you had gotten to me, i could have gotten them there sooner. they are there. now all we can do is pray. they are there. i can assure you they will stay there until they tell us and they tell you exactly what that situation is. we all have to pray food and water in there to keep the people alive. they have did pull people out today. so there is hope. they did pull people out today. so there is hope. >> right. >> bill: mr. gengel, i'm going to give you the last word.
8:35 pm
>> sure. bill, can you assure us that they will keep this as a search and rescue? can you make sure that people know. >> bill: i will make sure that they do. if they do not, i will report that. >> don't let them stop. please don't let them stop. please, don't let them stop. >> bill: we will get a definition. >> god bless you, bill. >> bill: get a definition one way or the other. all our prayers and the prayers of all our audience are with you. >> and our girls were there doing good. they were there helping patients. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. we have an update on this on friday. when we come right back, it will be miller time. dennis on last night's vote in massachusetts. some folks bashing america. sarah palin, what she does to unwind after a tough day. and in her case, there are a lot of tough days. moments away. oñmñmñmñ+ñ
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, like many of us southern california closely watching the election in massachusetts last night. dennis miller joins us from los angeles. miller, i'm going to let you loose, man. you just go and take it where you want to take it. >> well, billie, i knew it was going to be a bad night for coakley when i saw dead voters in massachusetts were breaking two for one for brown. you know, you can usually count on the dead vote for the democrat. but things really hit the fan last night. i think what happened was the
8:39 pm
official disenfranchised minority in this country, which is now the majority, just said, hey, we think we see a cool thing going on here and we want to put the brakes on it forget shot across the bough. i think this is crack -- people long for a refer dumb in this country and you don't get one. that's not the way a representative democracy is set up. it all fell together here. massachusetts where the original tea party was. the tea party party of today. ted kennedy's seat. health care right on the cusp. it all came together it was almost like the founding fathers were sitting up there in the toga steam room like clash of titans we have got to throw these people a bone because they are cranky. it came together and they spoke. the squares are telling barack obama they don't want to be a part of the cool. slow it down. take a listen. >> bill: it is stunning though when you really think about it here is a president one year ago who swept into office with about a 70% approval rating.
8:40 pm
as dick morris pointed out, he could have gotten anything passed. and then in the space of 12 months, for whatever reason, and the pundits have blathered about it for the past 48 hours, he has lost an enormous amount of power. cachet, embarrassed going up there. i'm trying to pinpoint what it is all about and i think -- >> billy, it was the day he got elected. guess what? democrats, when you put the jeweler's loop on, they don't show well. in theory, they are good. when they are off in the distance, second guessing somebody, it all sounds good, hope, change, a better world, friendly. we'll get along with everybody. but then it's like head cheese. when they tell you head cheese is nutritious. i will try that lunch meat. you get a look at head cheese up close, you are not eating it. head cheese is the democratic party. >> bill: why though? why is the hope and change not working? i think it's just because -- listen, americans, as monica
8:41 pm
crowley pointed out last night, are and always have been, a center-right crew. all right? traditional values. judeo-christian philosophy. the founding fathers' vision. we are not france. we are not denmark. okay? as much as oprah winfrey might want us to be denmark, we are not. when you deviate too much from the center-right and certainly barack obama has, with the socialistic health care deal, with the soft on terror policies, khalid sheikh mohammed getting a little massage before he gets up there in civilian court. americans say, you know what? it doesn't feel right. it doesn't feel right. i think that's what it was. it doesn't feel right. >> yeah, billy, i think people over the course of the year say wait a second, first thing we have got to do is close gitmo? now khalid sheikh mohammed gets a trial in new york city? now today they said they should have interrogated that christmas day bomber? and then when they add in wait a second the plumber is being disparaged as just the plumber. the truck is just a truck.
8:42 pm
people cling to their gods and guns? all that stuff starts to wear on you and pretty soon they are thinking, hey, we might have an infect actual elitist on our hands here. it's time to let him know we are out here. bill billing it will be interesting to see and people are divided on it people say barack obama is hard core i'd idealogue and is he not going to give at all. others like me think is he a bit more pragmatic and he will move. where do you fall in that category? >> bill, i will tell you, i pray that he is a hard core idealogue. because, if he is not, it's a bit of a president so far. that presidency is not working. i'm pretty much a lot of things i'm looking for, i'm going he can't be serious that we don't interrogate this guy. he can't be serious he thinks gitmo is the big problem. he can't be serious that they get the same trial as i do. he can't be serious that you give pelosi and reid a billion dollars and think that -- or a trillion dollars and think they will be good with it. he can't be serious. so i'm hoping, i'm hoping he is
8:43 pm
an idealogue because at least at that point they are going to crash and burn this on the carrier deck in november. i'm telling you, it is going to crack -- >> bill: it will be crack atoa, that's earthquake in indonesia that went up. i believe it was. >> somewhere near hawaii where the president was born. >> bill: danny glover the other day said that global warming or something, couldn't quite figure out what danny was saying caused haiti and united states is really the problem in haiti, not the earthquake. then hugo chavez who had sent one plane criticizing the u.s. military and then the minister in france saying the u.s. military is occupying and they shouldn't be there. i'm sure you took notice of all of that. what say you? >> well, first off, right after this haitian telethon, we got to have a telethon to cure whatever is ailing danny glover because he has gone completely nuts. >> bill: you and i are going to host that tell telethon?
8:44 pm
>> how would you like to have the year that mel gibson had and you are still only the second nuttist guy who has been in lethal weapon that will tell you how nutsy danny is. chavez thinks danny glover is a movie star. that's how crazy he is. >> bill: he gave danny some money to make a movie, right? >> who cares about the french. the french might as well gas up the dingy and go fishing with fredo because they are dead to me. they have big problems on their hands themselves. they had to do away with all vending machines in their school systems because of obesity. no more smack cakes, no more candies, no more sodas, all part of the french master plan to raise healthier cowards. nice to think the french are taking a stand against somebody and it's little debbie. you will not see that pig-tailed vixen coming. >> bill: good line, miller. there we go. in a moment, what does governor sarah palin do when she is not in the public eye besides raise
8:45 pm
five kids? she will tell us as the factor continues. alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus.
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8:47 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, as you know sarah palin is a new fox news analyst and last week we debriefed her on important issues of the day. we also spoke to her about what she does in her spare time, although she doesn't have much of that. here is how that discussion
8:48 pm
went. so what do you do for fun? i mean, we hear that you shoot things, you know, wolves and you are a hunter and a fisher woman and all of that. is that what you do outdoors stuff. >> sure, i'm aalaskan and we eat, therefore we hunt. yes. >> bill: do you actually shoot things and you skin them and put them in the refrigerator and eat them later and stuff. >> we sure do. the freezer is full of that organic wild game that keeps us healthy. >> bill: like what? >> moose, caribou. buffalo. >> bill: you eat moose steaks? >> you need to come up there. >> bill: i have been there twice. >> come to my house. >> bill: you didn't invite me last time. i tried to come to your house and the troopers beat me up. >> you are a big man. >> bill: you go out and shoot game and put it in your refrigerator and eat it later. >> i have been doing it all my life. it's healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle that we so enjoy up there. >> bill: i don't think hillary clinton does that but i'm not
8:49 pm
sure. i will ask her next time i see her. what about movies? are you a movie fan? >> i don't have a whole lot of time to go to the theater. >> bill: can you remember the last move you actually saw. >> we did a pay purview movie at the house the other day. sandra bullock in the proposal, which i thought was such a great movie. i loved that movie because it integrated a lot of alaskan theme and environment in her movie, too. it was cool. >> bill: ipod? do you have an i pod. >> die for running. >> what's on it. >> a lot of southern rock. i love country music. >> bill: who are we talking about here? >> john rich. travis trit. >> they are on your i pod when you jog. >> when i run. >> bill: how often do you run. >> i like to get in six miles, maybe more. >> bill: how often. >> i try run every day. if i don't run every day i take some other class, kick boxing. >> bill: every day you work out to that extent? >> pretty much. >> bill: when you run around, do you have body guards running with you. >> heck no. >> bill: by yourself? there goes sarah palin running around? i bet when you run and the moose
8:50 pm
see you they really run fast away. >> nobody can recognize me without a trough full of makeup anyway so when i'm out there running they don't know who i am. >> bill: when you go on vacation it must be very difficult. it is for me. >> it is. >> bill: number one, no hotel will take my reservation because they hate me. but, number two, everybody is staring at you. >> we have found that the most secure and calming vacation we can take is out in the middle of nowhere at our cabin in petersville, which is 75 miles in alaska. >> bill: that's still in alaska though. >> yeah. >> bill: maybe once in a while want to get some warmth. >> we tried going to hawaii a couple of weeks ago. we only made it two days and then we realized. >> bill: you had to leave hawaii. >> we were disruptive unintentionally but disruptive to the other guests who were staying in the same hotel bill where were you staying? >> nice hotel touristy place in mauiy. beautiful but certainly not that. >> bill: every time you walk out to the pool and order a cocktail
8:51 pm
oh, what is she doing? >> very nice people but then there were some people with their cameras. >> bill: always. everybody has got the little camera. and i'm serious. ba. tswana. >> i will tell todd. >> there are islands that can you rent in the caribbean because i know when i became famous -- and i never thought i would be -- all of a sudden i couldn't go anywhere without them clicking my picture. that intrusion does that weigh on you scongly. >> i don't want it to buferredden the kids. >> bill: i think that's the worse thing about being famous that intrusion, would you agree. >> that intrusion, is a bit of a burden. yet, the people who, quote, unquote, intrude on our life so lovely. so nice. so encouraging and they inspire me. so as long as we have that good balance of having that private family time, which we are able to balance out right now, then all is well. >> bill: last question, i saw a picture of you playing basketball when you were in school and barack obama is a big basketball player. and he challenged me, actually i
8:52 pm
challenged him to a one-on-one game. can i get you and obama, you know, on the same court. >> i would. >> bill: it would be two against one. >> oh, sure. >> bill: i will play low post. you shoot from the outside. >> okay. you are blocking out underneath. >> bill: would you do that if i propose that. >> i would love it. >> bill: we are going to do it. sarah palin a regular person. and we are really happy to have you as a contributor. >> so glad to get to be here. what would america do without fox news. >> bill: thank you, governor. >> thank you. >> bill: i have my request of the basketball game into the white house. can you imagine that? that would be unbelievable. pinheads and patriots up next tonight starring martha stewart and james taylor. right back with it. boss: hey, those gecko ringtones you put on our website are wonderful.
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8:55 pm
people can be so cold they will hurt you ♪ they will take your soul if you let them ♪ bill: good concert if you get a chance. mr. taylor is giving a concert to help the haitians and he will match the receipt of the entire show, wow. james taylor's a patriot. on the pinhead front our pal martha stewart in a questionable situation. >> oh marsha -- oh martha, that was hot, speed it up, come on guys, bend your knees. listen to the music. take it down. take it down. keep those hips going. oh my god, i've got martha. >> she got me on the pole! i don't know what else to do.
8:56 pm
bill: i guess that's some kind of exercise routine. you can decide whether miss stewart is a pinhead. i just hope she did not get overheated. tickets for the bold fresh tour february 13th, going fast. one show sold out the added one will be. a list of movie theaters carrying the tour saturday january 20th, posted on bold check it out. we'll have a good time. now the mail. brenda: president obama is not running scared. one vote will not change his plans. believe he's working in the best interests of the nation. the massachusetts election is a loss for the president breaking a cardinal rule of leadership, don't be tone deaf. thanks for being fair and balance remind republicans this is not their victory, independents won the vote in massachusetts.
8:57 pm
dr. hill: i thought massachusetts voters were mineless robots following orders from the department -- mindless robots following order froms the democrats, i apologize. dorothy: help is on the way my son is in the navy they are signed to clearing the harbor in port-au-prince i'm very proud of him. as well you should be bore think. joanne: with the aclu demanding information on the drones the determination to hinder our military tactics against terrorists obvious. can't the organization be investigated? for what? the aclu uses the legal system to attempt to undermine policies they don't like that comes under freedom. it is my job to report on what the aclu does and i do. the only power these people have to answer to is you the american citizen.
8:58 pm
i know i'm saying the first name wrong. el salvador, good evening mr. o'reilly i would like to apologize to the comments made by jennifer lopez about sarah palin. miss lopez call the governor a nasty name that reflects solely on the the singer, nobody else. victor: miss lopez has lost four fans in this household she should apologize. i'm disgusted with miss lopez. how can a mother say that to another mother? mary and donald: we are looking forward to seeing the bold fresh tour in arizona. some ride from south dakota. thank you for going. i suspect they are snow birding it in arizona. never a bad thing. we have bold fresh tour gear. we are able to make a nice donation to help the haitian people yesterday because you
8:59 pm
guys buy our stuff, thank you again with all the proceeds going to charity, everybody wins. peter: mr. o, you were right about bold fresh i couldn't put it down because i identify with it. would the nuns have given you a slap on the wrist for highlighting that mexican weather lady? possibly but we all are god's creatures that been my bold fresh defense in that case. please e-mail us pithy comments anywhere in the world. the word of the day is don't be persnickety. should look it up to get the exact meaning. the factor continues 20 to four/7 on bill o' the spin stops right here we are definitely looking out for you.
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